The goal of I Power is to stimulate as many people as possible to be open-minded, to think for themselves and to put their own thoughts into practice.

All donations are used only to achieve this goal, nothing else.

For the moment, we are only a small group of people trying to get the message out without a budget or any real means other than a camera and a few computers.

Your donations will allow us to keep going, do bigger things and reach more people.

I support I POWER with $ / month

This is an automatic monthly donation via PayPal. Small monthly donations are more important to us than larger one-time donations, since they allow us to plan ahead with our projects. (if you prefer to give a one-time donation, you can still do so here)

(this recurring payment can be stopped whenever you want just by logging in on your PayPal account and cancelling it)

Questions/suggestions about donating? Let us know!


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