a no-budget free internet movie
written & directed by Tania Derveaux

Download in Standard Definition: mpg (443mb)

What is IP?

IP is a no-budget free-to-download movie that was made scene-by-scene chronologically. Each time a scene was finished, it was put online so that people could already see the movie up until that point and interact with us about where it should go next.

We are a group of only 5 people and we were making IP with a consumer HDV camcorder and our own computers for visual effects.

The IP project has been put on hold because of the popularity of our other projects and also because we felt we really needed the backing of a studio or distribution company to be able to reach a wide audience with IP. We are still open to offers and suggestions from studios etc to revive and continue the IP project, for this you can contact us here.


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