I Power 'suicide blog' saves lives

02/22/2008 - A unique internet campaign is changing the mentality of suicidal teens all over the world. Some even say it 'saved their life'.

The campaign, in the form of a fictional blog, has only been running for a few weeks and is already getting thousands of positive responses from people who have had to deal with suicide in their lives. More than ten people thus far have mailed to say it changed their mind about committing suicide and effectively saved their lives.

The website's popularity is gaining momentum at an incredible pace and since the campaign will run for several months, it looks like it will be saving hundreds of lives worldwide.

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Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for young people, yet it is treated as a topic that isn't open for discussion. This campaign is breaking the silence surrounding suicide and the isolation that so many people feel when coping with suicidal thoughts.

With the recent wave of teen suicides in Wales, the media put a spotlight on the growing trend of the online glorification of suicide. The '90 Day Tania' blog tackles the whole online phenomenon in a very unique way: it pulls people into an exaggerated version of the diary of a suicidal person, only to discover on a hidden part of the website that it's a work of fiction, designed to make people think about the seriousness of the issue. Anyone who attentively surfs the website also finds links to suicide prevention organisations and self-help groups for related issues.

The campaign is an initiative of I Power. We are a group of internet activists who before have done international stunts like the satirical '40,000 blowjobs' campaign which raised international political awareness. But the success of this campaign is of an even larger magnitude as it is saving many lives around the world.


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